Deborah Rothman, Esq., has a wealth of experience in managing complex commercial arbitrations as Chair or as the solo arbitrator. She collaborates with counsel to manage the cost of the proceeding by effectively phasing motion practice and discovery, tailoring the hearing process to the clients’ needs, and facilitating the parties’ early assessment of settlement options.

As a mediator, she is diplomatic, persistent, compassionate and endlessly creative, engendering the trust and confidence necessary to consistently facilitate mutually acceptable settlements.




Mediation is infinitely more flexible than litigation. Get to a mutual resolution quickly and inexpensively.


Arbitration is a method of obtaining a binding resolution of an intractable dispute in a private proceeding tailored to the needs of the parties.

Arbitration Consulting

Learn how to make your arbitration go quickly, inexpensively, and smoothly from the very beginning.


Past President, College of Commercial Arbitrators
Distinguished Fellow, International Academy of Mediators