’91 30 hrs. DRS Basic Mediation Training
’91 12hrs Center for Dispute Resolution Intermediate Training in Mediation Collaborative Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Techniques
’92 DRS Municipal Ct. Training
’94 DRS Mediation of Community Assoc. Disputes
DRS Family Law Mediations
16 hrs. AAA/Army Corps of Engineers Partnering of Construction Disputes
’94 5 hrs LASC (faculty) Mandatory Mediation Trng. (judges)
’95 8 hrs. DOJ/Keybridge Foundation Mediation of ADA Claims
’96 8 hrs. AAA Arbitration of Employment Law Disputes
’96-’97 40+hrs. AAA Med. & Arb. of Law Firm-Related Conflicts
’96 3 hrs. EEOC EEOC Med’n. Trng.
’96 3 hrs. Dep’t of Insur. Med. of Earthquake Claims
’97 13 hrs. AAA Advanced Mediation Construction Workshop
’97 2 hrs. NASD Mediation of Securities Disputes
’97-‘98 6 hrs. AAA Employment Mediation and Arbitration (in-service for Emp. Panel)
’98 20 hrs. U. S. Postal Service Transformative Mediation
1/99 24 hrs. AAA/Prudential APCOM Claim Reviewers Class Action Life Insur. med’n.
10/00 12 hrs. Straus Inst. for Disp. Masters Forum for Advanced Mediators
Resolution Pepperdine Univ.
02/01 16 hrs. ABA (faculty) Mediation Training for Judges
04/01 4 hrs. AAA(faculty) Arbitration Advocacy for L. A. City Managers
07/01 6hrs AAA e-Commerce & B2B Mediations & Arbitrations
07/02 12hrs AAA Advanced Arbitrator Training II