After 35 years of doing complex civil litigation and class action work, and a great many mediations, I didn’t expect to get any more “Aha!” moments from a mediator. And then Deborah Rothman made the most insightful mediation comments I had ever heard.

Of course I knew how to see my opponent’s legal and factual position, but Deborah personalized it and emphasized getting inside my opposing party’s shoes. She said “Think of the plaintiff’s position if she settles this case today. What does she do tomorrow? Where does she go to replace this job–not just the income stream, but her work friends and sense of self and identity? What is her life like tomorrow if she settles today?” –A valuable insight for both mediations and many other aspects of law and life.”


Thanks again for helping us yesterday. The feedback I keep getting from the client is it was well worth it and that your insights were tremendous. Also looking back, we didn’t schedule this real far in advance so we all have some extra appreciation for you coming in so thoroughly prepared and able to have such a great command for the case and express it in the questionnaires and discussion. I really hope to work with you again.