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               - Daily Journal profile of Rothman  6 -02

- Published Articles
- Employment Mediation 101 for the Consumer Attorney: An Exploration of Differences Between Employment and Personal Injury Mediation
               - Successful Mediation
- Psychological Dynamics in Mediation Influence Result
               - ADR Advocacy:  Goals Vary On Arbitrator Selection
               - Lawyers Speak Out on Justifying Court Mediation to their Clients
               - Q & ADR: Make It Funny: Using Humor In Mediation
               - Having ‘The Touch
               - Resolving Securities Industry Employment Disputes
               - September 11 Tragedy Brings out the Best in Litigators & Litigants
               - Mediation of Class and Multi-Party Wage & Hour/Overtime Claims
               - Peace Message: Film & TV Shows
               - When Good Mediators Go Bad: Mistakes Mediators Make
- Not Quite Status Quo
               - Betting the Odds: Punitives in Arbitration
               - Brain Builders: Mediation Impasse, part 1
               - Flight Plan: Mediation Impasse, part 2
- Carrying a Tune: Entertainment Mediation
               - Dicta Straight Dope: Anatomy of a mediation: at-will; drug test
- Human Factors: anticipating arb’r: Preparation for arbitration hearing
               - Dicta Doing the Math: Getting Away With Murder
               - Coming of Age: Mediator Training, Value of Experience
               - Standstill: How to Lose A Mediation
Ounce of Prevention (Corp. Power): Preventing Runaway Claims
               - Sixth Sense
               - What Agreement? When Courts Abrogate Parties’ Arbitration Agmt’s
               - Hush Hush: Changes to California Evid. Code
               - Why Mediate Probate Disputes?
               - In The Alternative
               - Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediating Business Disputes Often Provides Better Results than Arbitration

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